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I am John, a Mechanical Engineer who considers himself as a language enthusiast that is constantly looking for more effective and efficient ways of learning languages, not only thinking about new languages to learn, but also analyzing how to improve the ones I already speak; always remembering that a language is a fantastic journey that never ends, you will never finish learning a language, and that is its great magic. The more you learn about languages the more you would like to improve ! I can speak and teach Spanish (mother tongue), English and Portuguese. I have some years of experience teaching those languages. The key of learning foreign languages is to understand that it is different from any other subject you are taught at school, you need to let yourself go and have fun while exposing yourself the most possible to your target language(s), to enjoy every second that you spend surrounded by it. It should be a long but fun path to follow on which rigid structures are not helpful. Many students do not see it this way and that is why they end up not succeeding. The Engineering that I studied as a professional career has also brought additional strategies that I put on practice with my students, and they just love it. If you decide to go with me through this life-changing experience of acquiring a new language I guarantee you that we will have fun together while learning.

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EscuelaUniversidad del Atlantico
HobbyPlay Soccer, read a good book, go to the beach and study languages
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