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Sharon R

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My name is Sharon R and I studied law at Queen Mary University in London, United Kingdom. I graduated with a Master's degree in Arbitration Law. I enjoy playing sport especially hockey and tennis. I have travelled to many countries to compete in these sports. I also enjoy swimming! I have had both informal and formal teaching English experience, teaching international students from all over the world. I enjoy teaching English very much. I get to meet different people from across the world and interacting with them which is very nice. It also is rewarding to be able to help others improve on their English. I have a 100% success rating and I have been told many times that I teach very well and my students are always satisfied. Therefore, with my experience and ability I look forward to teaching you and turning you into a great English speaker.

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    EscuelaQueen Mary University of London
    HobbyTravelling and playing sport, acting in theatres
    Películas favoritasThe Notebook