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Bob Br

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Helping others and making them happy is my main goal in life. I have been tutoring online for the last 14 years in English and Spanish. I have always enjoyed sharing knowledge and positive energy with others and that's the reason why I have decided to become an English tutor. Usually I am helping students in language learning by having open-minded and relaxed conversations about many different topics, depending on their own wishes and interests. I also enjoy contributing to others in the Information Technology field by fixing computers. I also play the piano and make my own music, from time to time. Life is beautiful and we should do everything from our side to make it better and better, every day in every way, as well as the lives of others around us.

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Fecha de Nacimiento1989-12-21
EscuelaFaculty of political sciences, University of Belgrade
HobbyPlaying piano, composing
Películas favoritasMen of honor