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Hello, my name is Chance. I am originally from Oregon, United States, but when I was 13 I moved along with my parents to Mexico and I love it. I enjoy spending time with friends and listening to music. I have been teaching English for about 2 years to Mexican youths. I also speak Spanish and a language known here in Mexico as Nahuatl. I realize how difficult it can be to learn a language which is why I wanted to be an ESL teacher so I could help others find joy in learning another language. It is very important to be patient, kind, and a good listener but it can be done. I am suited to teach beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

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Fecha de Nacimiento1988-08-11
EscuelaGlobal Leadership College
HobbyI enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music
Películas favoritasHachi: A Dog's Tale