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Materiales de Entrada

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Si es tu primera inmersión en inglés, tenemos los materiales adecuados para empezar con buen pie y dar los primeros pasos en el idioma


Conversación Básica

Basic Conversation
Aprender los conceptos básicos de la auto-presentación y conversación básica
Lesson 01Learn how to introduce yourself
Lesson 02Continue to learn how to do self-introduction
Lesson 03Learn how greet someone
Lesson 04Learn how to express your feelings
Lesson 05Telling Time
Lesson 06Daily Habits
Lesson 07Everyday Objects
Lesson 08Jobs
Lesson 09Holidays
Lesson 10Pets

Gramática Básica

Basic Grammar
Lecciones de gramática para estudiantes de secundaria
Lesson 01This is ~ / That is ~
Lesson 02There is ~ / There are ~
Lesson 03These are ~ / Those are ~
Lesson 04I, We, You, He, She, It, They
Lesson 05Am not, Are not, Is not; Is it/he/she ~?, Are you/they ~?
Lesson 06Verbs
Lesson 07Verb + not, Verb + ?
Lesson 08Have, Has
Lesson 09Get, Take
Lesson 10Was, Were
Lesson 11Adjectives
Lesson 12Adverbs
Lesson 13Present Continuous
Lesson 14Present Continuous - Negative and Interrogative Forms
Lesson 15Past Simple
Lesson 16Past Simple - Negative and Interrogative Forms
Lesson 17Can, Cannot, Can?
Lesson 18Do, Don't Do
Lesson 19What
Lesson 20Where, When
Lesson 21Who
Lesson 22Why
Lesson 23How
Lesson 24Prepositions of Time (in, on, at, for, during, before, after)
Lesson 25Prepositions of Place (in, at, on, under, over, near, into, in front of)
Lesson 26Prepositions of Inter-place (across, inside, outside, behind, beside, between)
Lesson 27Prepositions of Direction (from, to, into, onto, away from)
Lesson 28Other Prepositions (by, about, like, of, with, without)
Lesson 29'It' in Various Usages
Lesson 30Will, Will Not
Lesson 31Interrogative Form of 'Will'
Lesson 32Future Tense expressed by 'be going to, not going to' 'be verb~∼ing, not + be verb~∼ing'
Lesson 33Interrogative Forms of 'be going to, be + verb~∼ing' for expressing near future
Lesson 34Gerund 1
Lesson 35Gerund 2
Lesson 36Infinitive 1
Lesson 37Infinitive 2
Lesson 38Infinitive 3 (how, what, where, when + Infinitive)
Lesson 39Infinitive and Gerund After Verbs
Lesson 40Must, Must Not, Should Not
Lesson 41May, Might, Might Not
Lesson 42Have To, Donʼt Have To
Lesson 43Used To, Didnʼt Use To, Never Used To
Lesson 44As ... As
Lesson 45-er, More, Less
Lesson 46-est, Most, Least
Lesson 47Like Better, Like the Best, Much More, More and More
Lesson 48... enough to + verb, too... to + verb
Lesson 49Hardly, Rarely, Never
Lesson 50If, Because, When
Lesson 51Before, After, While, Since
Lesson 52Passive Voice and its negative form
Lesson 53Passive Interrogative Form of Passive Voice
Lesson 54Adjectival usage of Participle
Lesson 55Imperative + and, or, otherwise
Lesson 56One, Other, Another
Lesson 57All, Both, Each
Lesson 58Everything, Anything, Each, Every
Lesson 59Negative yes-no Questions
Lesson 60Too/Either, So do I, Neither do I
Lesson 61Partial negation and Complete negation
Lesson 62'It' as a dummy subject
Lesson 63Reported speech
Lesson 64Modal Verbs
Lesson 65Causative Verbs: let/make/have/get
Lesson 66Indirect Questions
Lesson 67Tag Questions
Lesson 68Suggestions
Lesson 69Articles
Lesson 70Questions
Lesson 71Exclamatory Sentences: what/how
Lesson 72Present Perfect Simple