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Materiales según su lista de verificación Interés

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En estos días, las empresas utilizan el Inglés como idioma oficial. ¿Como te parece la práctica de conversaciones orientadas a los negocios?

Materiales originales

Inglés de negociación básico

Business Basic
Materiales básicos enfocados a los negocios Inglés
Lesson 01Self-Introduction
Lesson 02Apologizing
Lesson 03Asking for Directions
Lesson 04Requesting Materials
Lesson 05Business Call
Lesson 06Job Interview
Lesson 07Discussion
Lesson 08Meeting
Lesson 09Presentation
Lesson 10Email
Lesson 11Organization
Lesson 12Type of Companies

En el negocio

01Making Business Inroductions
02Welcoming Visitors
03Starting A Conversation
05Describing A Business
07Cheering Up Your Co-worker
08Going Out for a Drink with Your Co-worker
09Having an Office Holiday Party
10Working as a Single Parent
11Making a Balance between Business and Private
12Working away from home
13Halloween and Thanksgiving Day
14Inviting a Subordinate at Your Home

Hacer llamadas telefónicas

01Learning Telephoning
02Taking A Message
03Leaving A Message
04Placing An Order
05Making An Inquiry
06Making A Reservation
07Accepting A Job Offer
08Dealing With A Wrong Call
09Giving Directions To The Office
10Making An Appointment
11Leaving A Message With The Answering Machine

Conversación de negocios

Business Conversation
01Business Etiquette
03Showing Interest And Appreciation
04Describing A Product
05Expressing An Opinion
06Asking Your Co-worker For Help
07New Employee
08Asking Your Junior Staff To Do A Task
09Getting a Promotion
10Giving Advice To Your Co-worker
11Reprimanding Your Staff
13Being Fired
14Budget Cuts
16Moving a Department
17Decreasing a Salary

Negocios Reunión

Business Meeting
01Setting Up A Meeting
02Conducting A Business Meeting
03Meeting Agenda
04Writing The Minutes Of The Meeting
05Graph Reports
06Project Overview Meeting
07Holding A Brainstorming
08Conveying Your Ideas
09Delivering A Presentation
10Organizing A Party For Clients
11Power Breakfast And Power Lunch
12Holding A Discussion

En el trabajo
Información y comunicación

Business Correspondence
01How To Write A Business Email
02Writing An Office Memo
03Expressing Gratitude for the Meeting
04Making an Apology
05Writing a Purchase Order


01Negotiating with a Client Company
02Transacting Business
03Processing an Order
05Dealing with Sales Coverage Problems
06Having a Business Lunch
07Intentionally Leaking Information
08Press Release and Interviewing
09Hiring a Person from a Rival Company
11Handling the Customers' Complaints